Room: Lumituuli
Session 6 - Base and precious metals
Chair: Dr. Lotta Rintala

Room: Kaleva
Session 7 - Process simulation
Chair: Tuomas van der Meer

13:00 Session Keynote
CROCODILE – a novel recycling cobalt process
founded by H2020 and the potential integrations
of the process into European metallurgical industries

Dr. Oluf Bøckman, Glencore Nikkelverk, Norway
Session Keynote
Simulation of DRI production by hydrogen reduction in a shaft furnace
Prof. Henrik Saxen, Åbo Academy, Finland
13:30 BASF battery materials as a part of
Europe’s sustainable battery value chain

Tor Stendahl, BASF, Finland
Phase field modelling
Prof. Inge Bellemans, Ghent University, Belgium
13:50 Hydrometallurgical recovery of lead,
silver and tin from sulphate leach residues

Prof. Lena Sundqvist-Öqvist,
Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
Droplet coalescence and settling modelling
in copper matte smelting

Jani-Petteri Jylhä, Aalto University, Finland
14:10 Ion exchange in energy metals separations
Dr. Sami Virolainen, LUT University, Finland
CFD-modelling on bottom blown copper smelting furnaces with different tuyere arrangements
Kezhou Song, Aalto University, Finland
14:30 Gold production in Kittilä
Dr. Laura Nevatalo, Agnico Eagle, Finland
Refractories case from TOCANEM
Research Prof. Anssi Laukkanen, VTT, Finland
15:20 Progress on the Strengthening of Copper
Recovery from the Smelting Slag

Prof. Longgong Xia, CSU, China
HSC simulation and LCA analysis
Dr. Heini Elomaa, Metso:Outotec, Finland
15:40 Extract precious metals from low concentration solutions
- from Research to Business

Mika Paalanne, Aalto University, Finland
Modelling of freeze linings
Dr. Johan Zietsman, Ex Mente, South Africa
16:00 Strategies for future base metals production
Dr. Justin Salminen, Boliden Kokkola, Finland
Production processes modeling with modern techniques
Prof. Ari Jokilaakso, Aalto Universiy, Finland
16:20 The oxidation of As(III) by pressurized oxygen and simultaneous precipitation of As(V) as scorodite in acidic sulfate solution
Prof. Zhiyong Liu, CSU, China