An international seminar is organized by the HydroMetEC team on 8th November 2021, which is hosted by Aalto University.

The HydroMetEC 2021 seminar is about upscaling of hydrometallurgical processes in Europe for metals production and recycling.

The following areas will be covered during the event through the recent developments in various projects:

• Selected hydrometallurgical processes for sustainable development
• Process simulation and control
• Economy of processes
• Material flow and circular economy

Attending to the HydroMetEC seminar is included to the participating fee of IPMS2021. Everyone selecting "Yes” to the question “Are you attending to HydroMetEC International seminar course on Monday 8th November” in the registration form, will get a ZOOM link. Moreover, all conference participants are also warmly welcome to physically attend to the HydroMetEC Seminar in Dipoli on Monday 8th November without pre-registration (given the limits of the seminar room size), and making signing in physically onsite.

Questions about the HydroMetEC seminar: Maria Wallin
More information can be found: HydroMetEC

HydroMetEC program
Room: Palaver

12:30 Welcome
Prof. Jafar Safarian and Dr. Maria Wallin, NTNU, Norway
12:40 Sustainable agitator and reactor design for demanding applications in hydrometallurgy
Lic.Sc. Mika Haapalainen, Metso Outotec, Finland
13:25 Scandium extraction from Bauxite Residue under the SCALE project
Dr. Efthymios Balomenos, MYTIL, Greece
13:50 Tailored electrowinning in minor metal recovery - from batch to piloting (EDRR)
Ivan Korolev, Aalto University, Finland
14:35 Upscaling of Microwave Assisted Leaching/Innovative Solid-Liquid Extraction/Gas Diffusion at Monolithos Electrocrystallization
Iakovos Yakoumis, Monolithos, Greece
15:00 Challenges of bringing a process from lab to industry with examples from the ongoing ENSUREAL project
Dr. David Konlechner, KON Chemical Solutions, Austria
15:25 Towards sustainable mineral and metal industry (AlSiCal)
Prof. Dimitrios Panias, NTUA, Greece and Dr. Suni Aranda, IFE, Norway
15:50 Closing
Prof. Mari Lundström, Aalto University, Finland