Room: Lumituuli
Session 1 - Battery Metals
Chair: Dr. Anna Klemettinen

Room: Kaleva
Session 2 - Minerals Processing
Chair: Prof. Rodrigo Serna

12:00 Session Keynote
Strategies for Finnish battery metals production
Matti Hietanen, FMG, Finland
Session Keynote
Multidimensional particle characterization
and separation

Prof. Urs Peuker, Freiberg University, Germany
12:30 The actual life cycle of batteries
Hans Eric Melin, Circular Energy Storage Research and Consulting, United Kingdom
Mineral processing design for the mines of the future
Prof. Luis Cisternas, University of Antofagasta, Chile
12:50 Recent activities and achievements in battery recycling research at Chalmers
Dr. Martina Petranikova, Chalmers University, Sweden
Mineral processing on the Moon:
A new challenge and new opportunities

Dr. Kathryn Hadler, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
13:10 Towards improved battery metals recovery Fortum´s unique mechano-hydrometallurgical battery recycling process
Jaakko Savolainen, Fortum, Finland
Evaluation of Flotation Circuits using a Novel Approach
Dr. Rodrigo Grau, Metso:Outotec, Finland
13:30 Battery recycling in Finland from research point of view
Prof. Mari Lundström, Aalto University, Finland
Green chemical reagents in froth flotation
Dr. Robert Hartmann, Aalto University, Finland
14:20 Recycling credits in battery recycling
Marja Rinne, Aalto University, Finland
The BASF Intelligent Mine powered by
Ian Flanagan, BASF, United Kingdom
14:40 The regulation and technology progress of battery recycling in China
Prof. Yongming Chen, CSU, China
FinnCobalt – traceable and responsible battery metals from the historical Outokumpu mining camp
Markus Ekberg, FinnCobalt, Finland
15:00 Battery Systems Evolution:
The right battery in the right system Materials that regerate

Simon Michaux, GTK, Finland
Deep-sea minerals: Challenges and opportunities
Prof. Przemyslaw Kowalczuk, NTNU, Norway
15:20 Characterization of black mass of battery waste
Anna Vanderbruggen, Helmholtz Institute Freiberg, Germany
Prof. Lev Filippov, Lorraine University, France
15:40 Towards commercial solutions by innovations in the industry – academy interphase
Lasse Rautio, Tracegrow, Finland
Supply Chain for Natural Graphite in the European Battery Market
Rasmus Blomqvist, Fennoscandian, Finland
16:10 The most glorious moments
Prof. Emer. Kari Heiskanen, Aalto University, Finland
Room: Kaleva
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