Research seminar in Process Metallurgy: CHEM007Z-LZ

How to complete the course?

6. Prepare a course report summarizing and reflecting the four topics you have chosen. Length of report 8-10 pages, i.e. ~2 pages / topic.

7. Prepare ~20 pp-slides of those four topics you have chosen (i.e. ~5 slides / each topic) combining the knowledge that you have learned during the symposium, from scientific articles and by public or private discussions. Make a wider view, build up the framework, e.g. if presentation is about pyrite leaching in gold chloride solution, tell why is this important? What is this related to? What have others done? What are the challenges? What is the big picture?

8. Present your slides either in public, November (week 48, time to be defined later) or other time privately to Prof. Emer. Pekka Taskinen and Prof. Emer. Olof Forsén. The final course report consists of 8-10 page report + pp-slides + attached four scientific articles.

Questions about doctoral course CHEM007Z-LZ: Anna Klemettinen